What is a plugin Misubishi?

For diesel and gasoline vehicles equipped with CAN bus (since the model year 2006), the plugin provides advanced functionality for reading and erasing DTCs from the engine control unit, transmission (incl. CVT), ABS, 4WD, ETACS, climate controller, and other systems.

For gasoline cars, it captures parameters from the engine control unit using the manufacturer-specific protocol.

The number of supported ECUs and parameters for your car depends on many factors. We recommend trying the plugin for free before purchasing it. To test the plugin before purchasing, on the Profile page, create a profile for your Misubishi car and connect to the vehicle.

The plugin is enabled if the protocol for Misubishi is set in the diagnostic protocol field. The OBDII/ EOBD mode is designed to connect to the car using the basic OBDII/ EOBD protocol without the plugin participation. If you are satisfied with the number of found ECUs, DTCs and parameters, then buy the plugin to remove the ## signs, which hide some values in test mode.

Depending on the vehicle modification, year of manufacture and technical capabilities of your OBD2 scanner (ELM327 adapter), the application can read information from the following blocks:

  • engine;
  • transmission;
  • full wheel drive (4WD, AWD);
  • airbags (SRS);
  • adaptive cruise control (ACC) / collision avoidance system (FCM);
  • airbags (RCM);
  • body control module (ETACS);
  • combination meter;
  • EV/MiEV;
  • heater/ventilation/air conditioner;
  • combination meter;
  • multi-function display.