Free version of MotorData OBD only connects to the engine control unit via OBDII/EOBD, supports a limited number of parameters and DTCs, and displays no more than 4 customized parameter views in the section ‘My dashboard’.

Plugin My dashboard, logs, parameters

The you buy the ‘My dashboard, logs, parameters’ plugin, you will get:

  • Parameter logs playback and sharing them in CSV format
  • OBD II DTC decoding (extended list)
  • Descriptions of potential causes of malfunctions in popular OBD II DTC
  • Configuring all the parameters in the ‘My Dashboard’ section, not just 4
  • creating many custom dashboards
  • Description of important parameters of the OBD II standard

Plugin Dashboard Warning Lights & Indicators describe:

  • the meanings behind warning lights
  • the warning light related system
  • steps to follow if the light turns on

Plugins for advanced car diagnostics

The diagnostic plugin reads additional parameters and DTCs from various control units.