“Legion-Autodata” company was founded in 1994. Since its inception, it has specialized in information support for car services and car maintenance points. Our products are used by thousands of car services and tens of thousands of private clients.

Since 1994, the Legion-Avtodata publishing house has published more than 600 publications of automotive literature, including specialized reference books, catalogs of spare parts, textbooks and manuals for repair and maintenance for cars.

In 2007-2012, using our many years of experience in publishing technical literature, we began developing our own software product – MotorData Professional.

MotorData Professional is a unique interactive cloud data base for car diagnostics, car electricians and alarm systems, accessories installers. We managed to implement in it a lot of progressive solutions which brought the MotorData system to a new level of information technology for car services.

  • in 2013 MotorData Professional received a new functionality for car diagnostics using adapters on the ELM327 OBD II adapter chip.
  • since 2014 MotorData Professional was been translated into English, Spanish and French and entered the international market.
  • In 2016, the MotorData OBD mobile Android application for car services and motorists was launched on the market.