How to check the work of diagnostic plugin before purchasing?

Ref No. FAQ-A15

1. Please, create a profile of your car (see “How to create a profile“), in the “Protocol” field, select the protocol corresponding to the make of your car.
2. Connect to the car with the created profile. The connection will be made using the manufacturer’s protocol.
3. You can see the number of supported blocks in the “Connect to ECU” menu and the number of parameters, for the blocks where they are available, in the “Live data” menu, but the values ​​will be covered with #
4. In the “Connect to ECU” menu, connect sequentially to each defined block.
5. If you are satisfied with the number of supported blocks and the number of parameters, you can buy the plugin.

However, all further plugin updates will be available free of charge.

If there are problems connecting with the test version, then refrain from purchasing the plugin and send us logs (see “How to send logs to technical support“).