What are plugins and why are they needed?

Ref No. FAQ-A12

A “plugin” is a software component that has a specific function to an existing computer program (MotorData OBD). Plugins allow you to “customize” the program, i.e. customize, adapt to the individual needs of the client.

Free version of MotorData OBD only connects to the engine control unit via OBDII/EOBD, supports a limited number of parameters and DTCs, and displays no more than 4 customized parameter views in the section “My dashboard”.

The configuration plugin “My dashboard, logs, parameters” has the following features:
– playback of parameter logs
– OBDII codes meaning (extended list)
– displaying potential causes of malfunctions of popular OBD II codes
– adjusting all the parameters in the section “My dashboard”, not just 4
– description of important parameters of OBD II standard

Diagnostic plugins significantly expand the diagnostic capabilities of the application and allow:
– connect and diagnose cars that cannot be connected to via universal OBD2, EOBD protocols
– diagnose more electronic systems of the car
– read and delete diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) of various systems
– display the live data of the main electronic systems of the car

The information plugins “Dashboard Warning Lights & Indicators” describe:
– the meanings behind warning lights
– the warning light related system
– steps to follow if the light turns on

Attention: information plugins provide only reference data, which will be available after purchase in the “Driver’s assistant” section. To expand the diagnostic functionality, you should use the diagnostic plugins by car make.

Note: you can find out more detailed information about a specific plugin in the application in the “Paid plugins” menu by selecting the plugin you are interested in.