No connection to the car

Ref No. FAQ-A20

Please answer the questions one by one, select the answers corresponding to your situation and follow the instructions.

  1. Please, make sure that the connection between your mobile device (smartphone, tablet) and the adapter is configured!
    How to set up a connection with a BlueTooth adapter?
    How to set up a connection with a Wi-Fi adapter?
  2. Are there other diagnostic applications installed on your mobile device (smartphone, tablet)?
    Yes: Please, force stop all diagnostic applications: go to Mobile device settings -> Applications, tap the name of the diagnostic application and in the tab that opens, click the “Stop” button (the names of the menu and buttons may differ on different devices).
    No: Please, see next point.
  3. Is the connection to a Nissan / Infiniti vehicle using the diagnostic plug-in?
    Yes: The program does not connect to Nissan using the plugin
    No: Please, see next point.
  4. Try to connect to the car with the engine running (the adapter must be connected with the ignition off). Did you connect?
    Yes: Thank you for contacting us!
    No: See next point
  5. Send us logs from the app.
    How to send logs to technical support